Beverage brand Coca-Cola family

Özgörkey family surname in the United States was crowned Oglethorpe University’s rector building in the Belfry, ‘Tulip Özgörkey Bell Tower’ was called.

The capital of the US state of Georgia in Atlanta at a ceremony to honor the Özgörkey family and Turkey, the city’s oldest, one of the educational institutions Oglethorpe University in the rector’s office Belfry, ‘Tulip Özgörkey Bell Tower’ was called. The former university and hosts the long tradition of the state of Georgia Lupton Bell Tower, now ‘Tulip Özgörkey Bell Tower’ as referred to.

World-renowned beverage brand Coca-Cola family Özgörkey partner in Turkey, international trade and ‘return he received’ an example of the policy conducted with the understanding also held in the US city of Atlanta. One of Atlanta’s oldest educational institutions and Oglethorpe University graduates Özgörkey Jamal, Gift Özgörkey brothers, as well as Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent, his wife Laurel city, Oglethorpe University President Dr. Lawrence Schall, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and the Brazilian agriculture giant Cutrale owner Jose Luis Cutrale also joined distinguished guests, among them.

reflecting the history of the state of Georgia to Oglethorpe University, there is a 180-year college Referring Özgörkey Jamal, he and his brother Armağan Özgörkey is from the same school, he said. He cut off ties with the school they graduated Özgörkey Jamal addressed the students, stressed that people in the first board on school alumni and without the Americans. indicating their educational institutions to their adherence to the ideal of giving back by making services Özgörkey Jamal, his brother and which he graduated in return for services to the university, the university board and the provincial government, the rector had agreed bell to give the Tower mother Lale Özgörkey that the name of the building told. The family name and the name of both Turkey proud and a fine example Pointing out Özgörkey Jamal, ‘We’re doing the same thing in Turkey as family.

I graduated from Galatasaray High School, we try to contribute as much as we have in the hands of Galatasaray, then we will. All this for both Americans, I wish to be an incentive for both Turks, “he said. Özgörkey Jamal, Oglethorpe University in the US state of Georgia with a history of 180 years, in the coming century, the mother said it wished to live Lale Özgörkey name.

Özgörkey also said that the gift, the mother Lale Özgörkey, brother and administration of an institution name, which he graduated from the school, he said the most important symbol itself was very touched. ‘This is truly a very honorable for us, he’s a good feeling’ Gift Özgörkey speaking, the ceremony on behalf of his mother, he said he is extremely emotional.

The ceremony was attended Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent, as a result of their contribution to Oglethorpe University Özgörkey family of the university’s Bell Tower, the name of the mother was told that they have forever. At the ceremony Oglethorpe University President Dr. Lawrence Schall and Georgia Governor Nathan Deal in their speeches Özgörkey family, both universities were thanked for their contributions to the state.